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NJCDCA News-Coaches Letter:

The Executive Board of the NJCDCA has been searching for years for an appropriate way to honor and award high school cheerleading squads in the Group Championship at our state competition. Many School Administrators and Athletic Directors believe a Group title is an important accomplishment in sports in NJ. In an effort to keep the Group Championship in line with other high school sports, we have developed a plan which will be based on an accumulative point system.  Please read through below to get all the info you need to qualify and to become a qualifying competition. 

In a


Pat DePalma

Competition Director

Kimberly McGowan

Competition Co-Director




Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, the Group Championship will not be held for the 2021 season.





How can my team qualify?


Throughout your competitive season, starting in September 2019 through February 23, 2020, you will accumulate points to be eligible to compete in the “Group Cheer Off” at the NJCDCA State High School Cheerleading Championships.

  1. Only Varsity Cheer/Dance teams and Varsity All Music teams competing in the divisions that we offer at The State Championships will be eligible to compete in the Group Championship Cheer Off. (This excludes Intermediate and Non-Tumble Divisions). These are the only points we will post.
  2. Varsity Cheer/Dance teams will compete against each other in their respective groups and Varsity All Music teams will compete against each other in their respective groups.
  3. Eligibility to compete in the Group Championship Cheer Off at States, will be based on your top 5 scores from NJCDCA Certified competitions that you attend up until February 23, 2020.  If you compete in more than 5 competitions, we will only take the points from your top 5 competitions.  If you compete in less than 5 then the points you receive will still be tabulated and eligible.
  4. Points will be awarded to the top 5 teams in each division at Qualified NJCDCA competitions.
  5. Points will be tabulated according to your division placement at these competitions. Example:  You attend a competition and compete in the medium division against 5 other teams.  Your team places 3rd in the division and is awarded 25 points. The next week you compete and there are 3 teams in your division. You team places 2nd and is awarded 30 points (See Point Awards grid below).
  6. If you are the only team in your division at a particular competition your points will still be tabulated according to the attached Point Awards System.
  7. If there is a tie in placements both teams will receive the same number of points.
  8. Please allow 1 week for the results of each competition to be posted.  If you do not see your points listed after 1 week, please contact that competition sponsor.  DO NOT CONTACT THE NJCDCA.

Each week the points you accumulated from the competition you attended will be displayed in a separate section of our web site for your review.  You will be able to follow your Group Standings by visiting our web site weekly.


The NJCDCA will be inviting only the highest scoring teams within each group to participate in the Cheer/Dance Group Championship and the All Music Group Championship at States.  The number of teams invited will be determined by the number of teams participating within each group.  All teams qualify for the Group Cheer Off will be notified prior to the State Championships.


As this is truly a season accumulation of points and by “invitation only category”, we hope this new system will establish the most competitive teams participating in the “Group Cheer Off.”


NJCDCA Group Cheer Off

Point Awards


1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
11+ teams in your division
55 pts
45 pts
35 pts
30 pts
25 pts
8-10 teams in your division
50 pts
40 pts
30 pts
25 pts
20 pts
4-7 teams in your division
45 Pts
35 pts
25 pts
20 pts
1-3 teams in your division
40 pts
30 pts
20 pts



How do I get my Competition Qualified?


Criteria for NJCDCA Competition Qualification

We encourage competitions to sign up to be an NJCDCA qualified competition.  It does not matter what score sheet is utilized, as long as your competition is reputable, follows safety rules, and draws NJCDCA competitive teams.


In order to cover administrative costs, the following fee schedule applies to all local competitions that would like to be identified as NJCDCA Qualifying Competition:


  • $25.00 yearly fee 
    NJCDCA Member Schools (1 Complimentary NJCDCA Competition Qualification is included in your Membership fee.  Each additional competition  you host is $25)
    $100 Yearly Fee Non-Member Schools including County, Conference and Regional Competitions. $100 per competition
  • The application for registering your competition is on our website at and under the tab Competition Qualification/ Cheerleading.  The application form as well as your enclosed fee must be remitted by January 15.  The sooner you get your paperwork, the sooner we can advertise your competition.  NJCDCA Member Schools will just need to remit the application form as your NJCDCA Qualified Competition fee is included in your membership. 


  • To certify your competition, click here and scroll down the page to download the forms.

How do points get transmitted to the NJCDCA?


Each competition that has remitted their fees and has completed the registration form is required to send their final results composite with the rankings and number of teams for each Varsity division only (Cheer/Dance & All Music) via email to: within 1 week of the close of the competition. See the gray box on the right for details.


The only exception will be for competitions held on Feb 22 or 23, 2020 and then results must be submitted within 24 hours (due to the proximity of the date of the State Championship)


If your competition gets cancelled for any reason your check will be refunded in full.


In addition, once we have received your application and check, we will post your competition on our web site so that all schools are aware that you competition is Qualified and eligible for points. You may also promote your competition as NJCDCA Qualifier. 




To qualify your competition, print this form and send it with your fee to:


NJCDCA Competition Certification

Melissa Magliochetti
202 Lauren Way
Bloomsbury, NJ 08804


Make checks payable to: NJCCA


E-mail questions to:


Click on the box to download:

Competition Qualifying Form



Once your Qualified Competition has concluded:


Each competition that has remitted their fees and has completed the registration form is required to send their final results composite within 1 week of the close of your competition. 


Please be sure to send the following information in your email:

  • Name Competition
  • Date of Competition
  • Location of Competition
  • Competition director name
  • Competition director phone number
  • Final results of the competition including all rankings and the number of teams that competed in each Varsity division on that day.

Only send via email to


The only exception will be for competitions held on February 22-23, 2020 and then results must be submitted within 24 hours (due to the proximity of the date of the State Championship).





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