Safety Certification in September


Currently, there are no courses being offered at this time. Please check back for further info.



CPR Course

Time: 9:00am – 10:30am Cost: $50.00


All New Jersey Coaches are now required by the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) to be CPR certified. We will be offering a CPR course taught by CPR Pros of Denville. This is an American Heart Association Course, valid for Two years. This course will be taught in a unique format and each participant will have their own anatomical companion upon which to certify (for sanitary purposes no chap stick or lipstick please).




Safety Certification Courses

Choose from the following four courses:


1. AACCA American Association of Cheerleading

Coaches & Advisors

Time: 10:30am-3:30pm Cost: $75 (including manual)


The AACCA Spirit Safety Certification Program is one of the most popular courses taken by cheer/dance coaches. The course covers such topics as legal & medical responsibilities, spotting, skill progressions, environmental safety concerns, psychological readiness, physical readiness, program evaluation and more. This is a lectured course with a comprehensive manual and timed exam designed to educate cheerleading and dance coaches in all aspects of spirit safety and risk management. The certification is valid for four years, and provides the AACCA certified coach with one million dollars of secondary liability insurance coverage for coaches who are employed full time by a school or school district and be the coach or advisor for the school's cheerleader or dance squad(s).


Please note: 

Registrants must be 18 years of age to be eligible for certification.


NCSSE - National Council for Spirit Safety & Education

(2 courses offered in this session) YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE AT



2. Stunting & Tumbling I

Time: 10:30am-1:30pm Cost $ 55


This course is a must for safe stunting. Key elements of this course include standard terminology, proper skill progressions, spotting drills and techniques, and participant roles and responsibilities. This interactive course uses a video (which is available for purchase) and printed manual to review safe stunting practices and teach the steps in basic to intermediate stunts and tumbling skills. Skills covered will include stunts that are shoulder level and below and tumbling progressions up to and including a standing back handspring. Basic basket tosses and basic to intermediate coed stunts are also covered with an emphasis on grips, proper technique, and safety.



3. Stunting & Tumbling II

Time: 1:30am-4:00pm Cost: $55


This course offers training on intermediate to advanced partner stunts and tumbling with an emphasis on safety. A DVD video accompanies instruction and is available for purchase by attendees. This course is appropriate for new and veteran coaches and covers key elements including: 

  • Terminology
  • Proper Skill Progression
  • Spotting Drills & Techniques
  • Participant Roles & Responsibilities



We believe that “Safety in September” holds something for everyone; new & experienced coaches, no matter what program or level you coach. Please take this opportunity to become certified and ensure your credentialing is updated.


Need more information contact:

Jo Anne Poppe,
NJCDCA, Educational Conference Director
973-764-5715 or




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